Why Choose St. Louis Schools

  • Extra co-curriculum activities like sports, art and crafts, music, piano lessons, ballet are all provided.
  • A well-blended Curriculum
  • Good Christian morals
  • Excellent reading etiquette
  • Small and engaging class sizes
  • Ready and Available Transport
  • Confident and disciplined learners
  • Professional & efficient teachers

We offer;

  • High quality child care support with Day care services second to none.
  • A warm, caring and friendly learning environment for children to feel just like at home.
  • Audio-visual facilities and different colorful variety of toys to play with.
  • Well-resourced classrooms, Library and play room facilities under the effective supervision of teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • A trained nutritionist to provide nutritious and balanced meals for children, with a fully equipped kitchen.

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