St. Louis Pre-Primary

Day-care Section: (1/2 yrs:Basically this is our play group. Ages in this section range from 1 year to 2 years+.

 A special group where a very high ratio of care takers to babies is maintained at all times, enabling us to provide the personal level of attention that each infant requires at this important stage. 

Nursery Section- 3 years (silver class) Active little ones!!!This is a very sensitive age group, where children believe by doing, feeling and touching each and every object.

At St. Louis, right from Pre-school to our Primary section, we take pride in our small class sizes where every child is engaged in the learning process to meet the high expectations we set with our teachers.

Our children are grouped very carefully in each class keeping in mind the age related activities. At the beginning of the new academic year, the child should be of the following age;

  1. Play Group (Pearls) Class 1 year- 2 years
  2. Nursery ( Silver) Class – 3 years
  3. Kindergarten (Gold) Class 4 years
  4. Pre-Primary (Platinum) class 5 year

Kindergarten Section – 4 years (Gold class) In this section we provide every possibility for self-help skills and independence. Children are encouraged to express themselves orally in English to communicate through mime and artwork.

 Pre-Primary section- 5 years (Platinum Class) This is our transition stage. Children have mastered most of the activities by now and are ready for school. This whole program lays a strong foundation for language, Pre-reading, pre-writing, Pre-math, social, personal growth and awareness.

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