Our History

St. Louis school started in September 2012 at Akright- Estates Kakungulu in Bwebajja as an early learning center with day care facilities for Pre-school children between the ages of 11/2 years to 6years. It started with only 3 pupils.

Over the time the school has grown and is still growing stronger. In 2016, the Primary section was opened for continuity of the learners. The school norm is small class numbers for all learners to excel, and our team is committed to providing holistic child care, learning and development in a serene and conducive learning environment.

St. Louis is a privately owned and managed Pre-Primary, Daycare Centre and Primary School. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports. It abides by the rules and regulations for the Ministry of Education. St. Louis school is built on a strong Christian foundation (Catholic), where we operate under a Christian philosophy that children need to be treated with love, care and respect, irrespective of the child’s religious background. We admit other children from other religious denominations. The main objectives of the school is to provide holistic Education and impart God fearing values in the children as early as 1 year old and help busy mothers with professional care takers. We nurture in our children values of respect, love, care, empathy, integrity, compassion, self-esteem and instill confidence of the child while working together with the parent.

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