About St. Louis Educational Services

Our Philosophy & Values

Welcome to St. Louis schools where learning is full of fun and exciting moments. St. Louis Schools are privately owned and managed Pre-Primary, Daycare Center and Primary School. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Sports. 

St. Louis schools are built on a strong Christian foundation (Catholic), where we operate under a Christian philosophy that children need to be treated with love, care and respect, irrespective of the child’s religious background. We  admit other children from other religious denominations.

The school has two campuses. 

The Pre Primary :– We admit little ones from 1year old( play group) to 5years old.


Primary Section:- From Primary one (P.1) 6 years+ to Primary seven(P.7) 12 years+

St. Louis  schools believe in bringing up children who are well learned and developed in the different aspects of knowledge and life. 

At St. Louis, we trust that children can be guided to reach their full potential , so we do focus on helping them to become, artistic, physically fit, knowledgeable, learned and smart. Children are guided to develop their various skills and talents in dancing, sports, art, and music.

 We nurture in our children values of respect, love, care, empathy, integrity, compassion, self-esteem and instill confidence of the child while working together with the parents.


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